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So You Want To Train Like Goku?



There are some things you are going to have to think about…


Goku is really all about perseverance and constantly challenging himself. Those are the keys. Goku is always reaching to better himself because he didn’t really want to be better than anyone else, rather he wanted to truly be the better version of himself. He was always growing as a person mentally and physically and each time he surpassed himself, he surpassed those around him. So yeah, he was the best around, but that wasn’t his ultimate goal.  He fought others, but he was constantly fighting himself. He loved himself, but he knew there was always more to improve upon. Though he definitely celebrated each achievement 🙂 Each milestone was important and showed the strength he gained, even though there could be even more to do ahead. He looked with in himself and by bettering himself, he always surpassed his enemies. That may not be realistic in this world because there is no law saying the hero has to win in the end of the show, but it shows that pushing yourself and only looking to better yourself can make you achieve true strength instead of measuring up to others standards of power and strength.

At least they some what showed that Goku triumphed over failure. He was pretty much good at most things from the get-go only training to hone his skill and power, but he did over come adversity and had to fail a few times to learn how to correctly do something. Often, on athletic show reels, you see the good stuff but you don’t often see the failures leading up to them. In a video by Caleb Luliano he talks about progression. You may not be able to get something at first. Try it over and over until you get it. You may have to build up the strength for it. He takes a rational approach and builds up each movement/technique.. but at the same time he is not afraid to fail. He falls until he achieves his goal, taking it one step at a time and trying until he does it. In this way you can reach things that sometimes seem not humanly possible.

Also, you are going to have to eat a lot and eat the right foods for this type of intensity/activity. No wonder Goku is always hungry.


There are some things you will have to do…



We may not have the technology to train in gravity chambers quite like Goku did, but there are some other things we can do to simulate that and press our selves beyond our limits.

1. You probably don’t have access to a military or NASA pilot training facility where you can use a centrifuge, but that would be a good start to test your body and strain against high G’s. centrifuge  Click Here to watch it in action.

2.Do calisthenics and weight training to simulate the high gravity. Body weight exercises can do amazing things, especially if you push the intensity. Here are some videos that demonstrate body weight exercises and also some work outs that imitate high gravity intensity.

Like the Youtube user jaxblade talks about, you are not trying to become some other character, but rather you are inspired by them and motivated to become a better you. You can use them as a model for yourself but we are all unique.

Here are some other examples of some beast mode training. Enjoy!


click the photo to view the playlist or click here.




Why Divergent Meant So Much To Me…



Jumping off a ledge.

I didn’t know, at first, why this book spoke to me so much, but, later, I read something about that author that said she had used Behavioral Therapy techniques as inspiration. I understood then why I loved this so much, among other reasons. I have OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I will refrain from getting into it too much, but I will say it is not always like the people on TV. It is truly like living in terror. Like, seeing headlights coming straight at you and you are panicked, flushed, and scared to death right before it hits. But, it never hits. You are just stuck there, waiting for it to wreck your life. That fear can be crippling. It can prevent you from reacting well in situations or even from handling small things, sometimes. There is a way to combat it, though.

People with OCD have to go through their own simulations, just like the Dauntless. We call them Exposures. It might not be quite as extreme, but it sure seems that way to us. We have to face everything we are afraid of and never back down, or well, learn not to. We have to simulate how our feared situations feel, how they would look, everything. Just like Four, we have to do them over and over until we aren’t afraid anymore, until the fear isn’t crippling. We had to rewire our brain. It was one of, if not the most, hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It took months of painstaking work, but the feeling of conquering fear is amazing.

OCD never goes away. I will always have to keep it in check. And sometimes there is no reason for the anxiety, it just comes on as a feeling that I can’t stop. I had a reprieve for a while, but over the years, I have begun to fear more.

The thing that really inspired me was facing fears and becoming fearless (not truly, but more like courageous). I liked the idea of a society full of people who wanted to be strong (even though they had a lot of down falls). They celebrated strength, courage, and life. I liked the idea of interpreting the anxiety as feeling alive rather than it feeling like the end of the world.

After I read Divergent, I tried to interpret things differently. When I felt scared, I tried to turn it into a thrill. I tried to embrace it. I was re-inspired to face my fears. I used to be more dauntless. I will be once again.