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Ender’s Game – Review



Over all, this was a great movie. I was very pleased with it, as a just a causal watcher and as someone who read the book. I am usually very picky, but they did well. The visuals were awesome. They gave light to some of the more confusing scenes/aspects that were deeply sci-fy and brought a lot of the imagery to life.

It was a lot like the book, but there were the obvious difference as in any movie adaptation. They had to speed some things up and cut some things out, and even change a few small things get a message across quicker. It was a long and intricate book that needed to be conveyed in a feature film length time period. It left some of the depth and inner development out, but all in all it stayed very true to the book in spirit and accuracy.

The small things that were off were the friendships seemed too quick and the enemies too scarce in battle school. In the book it took a long time and some even hated him first before they were friends. And the Bonzo fight was a bit different In the book it was more strategic (Ender actually put the soap on himself for a reason), it took slightly longer, and it was more badass/devastating. Plus, he didn’t know right away that Bonzo was that badly injured and dying. But, again, that’s just a time issue and the idea was convey. Though, it was sped up, the scene was still the same as in the book overall.

A bigger issue and one of my only real issues is: the ending. Compared to the book it left something to be desired. It was a dramatic ending which was cool, but you didn’t get the full thing. I was aksed why he did something or what some of the things meant.
For example: **Spoiler** In the book the Queen actually talks to Ender, but it was the new queen and she did so thorugh the egg/cocoon. They converse and come to an understanding. I don’t want to give too much away, but they realize peace. It doesn’t seem to come through completely in the movie. They should have done a little more to convey that. And then he brings the egg somewhere.. it leaves it hanging. In the book he goes to another planet that they are colonizing and gets to govern it. His sister joins him. It is actually there that he finds the egg thing in a landscape made spcifically for him by the “buggers” as a message because they linked to his dreams and much later he brings the egg to another planet. The movie doesn’t tell you where he’s going or why he was just able to go. But, I get why they did it. Again, more of a time constraint and drama thing.

They did a good job showing the growth of Ender as a commander, though it was obviously more detailed int he book, and the actor was very good at personifying Ender. It was a great choice, though in my head he looked younger in the beginning.
The movie was great. My family liked it, I liked it. But there is so much more to the book (even a little side story with his sister and brother) and more insight. It is totally worth reading and this is worth watching each for their separate and consolidated reasons.



Divergent – Movie Review


Some parts of the movie were done really well and I enjoyed the experience of going to see it. It is a pretty good movie, especiially if you haven’t read the book and are not biased like me. My fiance, who went with me, said it was really good from his stand point. I, however, left the theater feeling like it could have been much better. It’s not just because “they left some parts out from the book.” I feel they were true to the book. But, I was disappointed because they lacked in development. The characters had more depth than was portrayed. We needed to see the pain, the fierceness, the feelings to answer all our why’s. Int he beginning it did an excellent job of explaining the system and how the place worked. But, as we kept watching some things weren’t explained well enough. I got a lot of questions about parts of the movie. I feel some of the characters weren’t portrayed right and some scenes went too quickly or jumped to another scene in an awkward way. But, I understand that there was a lot to cover.

There are some specifics things I was upset about, but there were some things I was really happy they did, too. I’m not going to get into the specifics here, though. I’ve seen movies adapted from books do a lot worse, so it wasn’t all that bad and if you were to view as just another movie, it was pretty good. The book, however, made me feel ten times more inspired and touched my heart. Maybe the book is just too important to me to see the movie objectively, though. So Divergent: I am disapointed. Well, that is not entirely true. Some parts were really well done and I did enjoy the experience. It’s a good movie, especially if you haven’t read the book and are not biased like me lol It stays pretty true to the book, but doesn’t do it justice. I am disapointed because it could have been better. Not just a “they left that part out” stand point but from the development they left out of certain parts. But, not horrible. Glad I got to see it. We’ll see what I think when I watch it again sometime (I usually am less picky the second time).

Oh, and one more tiny little thing: I don’t think the movie poster should have such happy go-lucky colors. I mean it is inspirational and she does conquer a lot, but it is not really a “happy” story. It is supposed to be edgy and fierce. It looks cool, it just bugs me that the stand out colors in the clouds (distracting) are pink. But, maybe I’m just being too picky. Oh oh, also, did anyone else have a different vision of how people and things looked in their head?

Overall I give it a:


But only a regular one, not a super on :p

Catching Fire – Review


Yes. It has finally come. I had high expectations and I wasn’t let down. They did a phenomenal job with this movie. There was great detail in the scenes (though they could have spent more time on them, but I understand the constraints of films) and it stayed fairly true to the books which made me extremely happy. I thought the acting was really good as well.

**Spoiler alert**

Things I liked:

  1. The feel of the movie was very professional, cinematic, and true to the story.
  2. The actors were true to the characters they established in the first movie, which I found fairly accurate to the books more or less.
  3. Cinna is awesome.
  4. They did a good job portraying President Snow (though I thought he looked younger from Capitol procedures in the book).
  5. The scene where Katniss gives the speech at district 11 was sad but great in it’s brutality.
  6. You could truly see her feelings evolve for Peeta.
  7. Her dress is amazing!
  8. The arena was very accurate.
  9. They did such a good job on the monkeys.
  10. I love the characters of Johanna and Finnick (though the looks are just a tad off from my visualization. Not enough to count for Finnick but I envisioned Johanna as burlier.) I wish they had developed the quirky relationship between Finnick and Katniss more.
  11. The ending was just like the book in almost every way.
  12. It was very entertaining.

Things I didn’t like:

  1. There wasn’t enough time for each scene to describe situations, people, and relationships clearly enough. Friends who had not read the book were very confused at a few parts and it just left me feeling like there was more to be desired.
  2. There was no pearl given to Katniss.
  3. The part where she has to go off with Johanna is a bit confusing.
  4. I don’t remember her shooting the arrow into the sky in the book. I thought it was the wall, but I could be mistaken. Either way, it looked unrealistic.
  5. I wanted more from the book during the scene where Johanna changes in the elevator because it’s funny. But, that’s a minor issue.
  6. There wasn’t enough emphasis on Peeta’s leg or Katniss making the excuse about her ear.
  7. Small thigns were changed here and there (again just a small issue, really).
  8. It seemed like she kissed Gale more than int he book.

Overall, I definitely recommend this movie to anyone.


Samurai Jack Live Action Idea


I got an assignment in Graphics class to remake an ad campaign for an old TV show or movie. After searching through titles, I came across one I wanted to do: Samurai Jack. Remember that show? I suddenly got an idea. I would redo the campaign, making a movie poster for a live action Samurai Jack. How cool would that be? Does anyone else find that interesting?

Movie Villains sing to Lady Gaga Melody

Let me just tell you all the things I love about this video:

1. The whole Joker part.

2.His facial expressions.

3.His singing is actually really good.

4.I love the spin on the Lady Gaga songs.

5.Awesome lyrics and rhyming.

6.Great concept.

7. The big boobs part made me laugh.

The only thing I didn’t like is that he didn’t do more. And I also thought the black space pants part was weak compared to the rest, but it sounded good with the song. He is very talented. Check out another one of his videos, After Ever After. It will ruin your childhood in a most hilarious way. I absolutely loved it. Seriously, can’t get enough of it. It is so offensively awesome and clever.

Iron Man – Review


I definitely enjoyed the Iron Man movie. Again, this is one that I have not read any of the comics, so that might be a factor, but it seemed like it was done well to me. I loved Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. The rest of the cast also did extremely well portraying the characters. It gave the movie that much more depth and it gave the relationships their dynamics. I loved the effects and the Iron Man suit. The development of Tony Stark becoming Iron Man was interesting. It’s worth a watch.


Beastly – Movie Review


The movie, Beastly, is a bit different than the book in a few ways, but most of it remains true to the tone and plot of the book. The main character turns into a wolf-man- thing in the book. In the movie, however he turns into a scarred and tattooed ‘freak’ since that was sort of what the witch looked like and he had harassed her. I usually don’t like when a movie deviates from the book, but I like this take on it. Both the book and the movie were pretty good. I would say it’s worth a read.


Twilight – Movie Review


So, now we shall review the movie. Oh boy. I’ve heard that if you haven’t read the book, it’s a decent movie. But, since I did read the book, I was very disappointed. I thought there was a lot more they could have done with it, including improving the quality of the video and some of the acting. It feel short of my expectations and didn’t really flow all that well. Not to mention some scenes left me feeling awkward about how they were done. Having said that, I thought there were a few things done really well and matched the book decently. Some examples are: Alice Cullen (epic win for casting), Charlie Swan (again, epic win for casting), some of the interactions between Bella and Edward were great and very funny, and the fight scene at the end, among others. But, I feel the good scenes were out weighed by the bad ones. It had a unique take and the music was pretty cool, though. It just wasn’t as professional a quality as I’d like. But, I still watch it from time to time.

If you don’t mind indie films in general, a few awkward scenes, and corny romance/ drama, then it’s worth a watch. Some people do not like idealized romance, so this wouldn’t be a movie for them. But, if you want to watch the series or just a young romance, then it probably wont be too bad. I find the next movies continually progress, too.

Over all, this did not meat my expectations.



The Green Lantern – Movie Review


The Green Lantern:

I have not read the comics or anything, so this is coming from someone who has only seen the movie. But, I really liked it. I think they did a great job with the effects and Ryan Reynolds did a really good job acting. Hal Jordan was a lovable character, but not in the aww you’re so cute way. He had edge, depth, and heart. I really liked the ending, too.

I could see how maybe some people find it corny because (spoiler alert) he learns a lesson, wins against the bad guy, and falls back in love. But, I thought it was well put together and not overly corny at all. I found myself compelled to stay up and complete the movie. In my opinion it’s worth a watch.


The Hunger Games – Movie Review


The Hunger Games

Usually adaptations of books don’t live up to expectations, but, for an adaptation, this movie was pretty good. If you haven’t read the book, it was probably excellent. The cinematography was good quality, though my eyes hurt when they chose to rush a few scenes (for aesthetic purposes). I liked the tone of the movie. It rang true to the book and the mood of the movie itself. It was fast paced and very interesting. It definitely drew you in and the actors did a great job.

Having read the book, I feel some of the scenes could have lasted longer. I was also not happy with the fact that they changed the origin of her pin. But, I suppose there was a reason for that. The effects were great and they did a great job of putting us into the world Suzanne Collins created.

I can say, as someone who has also read the book, that I am happy with the movie over all. It’s worth a watch.