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So You Want To Train Like Goku?



There are some things you are going to have to think about…


Goku is really all about perseverance and constantly challenging himself. Those are the keys. Goku is always reaching to better himself because he didn’t really want to be better than anyone else, rather he wanted to truly be the better version of himself. He was always growing as a person mentally and physically and each time he surpassed himself, he surpassed those around him. So yeah, he was the best around, but that wasn’t his ultimate goal.  He fought others, but he was constantly fighting himself. He loved himself, but he knew there was always more to improve upon. Though he definitely celebrated each achievement 🙂 Each milestone was important and showed the strength he gained, even though there could be even more to do ahead. He looked with in himself and by bettering himself, he always surpassed his enemies. That may not be realistic in this world because there is no law saying the hero has to win in the end of the show, but it shows that pushing yourself and only looking to better yourself can make you achieve true strength instead of measuring up to others standards of power and strength.

At least they some what showed that Goku triumphed over failure. He was pretty much good at most things from the get-go only training to hone his skill and power, but he did over come adversity and had to fail a few times to learn how to correctly do something. Often, on athletic show reels, you see the good stuff but you don’t often see the failures leading up to them. In a video by Caleb Luliano he talks about progression. You may not be able to get something at first. Try it over and over until you get it. You may have to build up the strength for it. He takes a rational approach and builds up each movement/technique.. but at the same time he is not afraid to fail. He falls until he achieves his goal, taking it one step at a time and trying until he does it. In this way you can reach things that sometimes seem not humanly possible.

Also, you are going to have to eat a lot and eat the right foods for this type of intensity/activity. No wonder Goku is always hungry.


There are some things you will have to do…



We may not have the technology to train in gravity chambers quite like Goku did, but there are some other things we can do to simulate that and press our selves beyond our limits.

1. You probably don’t have access to a military or NASA pilot training facility where you can use a centrifuge, but that would be a good start to test your body and strain against high G’s. centrifuge  Click Here to watch it in action.

2.Do calisthenics and weight training to simulate the high gravity. Body weight exercises can do amazing things, especially if you push the intensity. Here are some videos that demonstrate body weight exercises and also some work outs that imitate high gravity intensity.

Like the Youtube user jaxblade talks about, you are not trying to become some other character, but rather you are inspired by them and motivated to become a better you. You can use them as a model for yourself but we are all unique.

Here are some other examples of some beast mode training. Enjoy!


click the photo to view the playlist or click here.




I found my old Pokemon cards!! So happy

I found my old collection and look what I found in it: charizard Among many other things!! I loved looking through this. Nostalgia up the butt. And I didn’t realize how many good/ semi valuable cards I had.. at the very least they are collectible lol I even had a few ex’s and I think one secret rare. Which i had no clue about. I kind of dropped the ball and lost touch for a while so I don’t know what a lot of the new things are. Can anyone tell me how to tell if a card is ultra rare??

If you want to see the rest check it out here:
and here for part 2:

Tales of Graces – Short Review



Tales of Graces starts with the adventures of a child named Asbel Lhant in the world of Ephinea. Asbel during one of his adventures comes across a mysterious girl in a flower field which has a huge impact on his journey. The game was created by Namco Tales Studio and released in Japan in 2009 on the Wii. Tales of Graces is the 12th main title in the Tales series. Eventually the game was ported too the Ps3 and renamed “Tales of Graces F”. In 2012 was finally sold in both NA and EU, three years after the release of its original version.

The Pros

  1. Open World for traveling and a mini sphere based combat when fighting monsters. –
  2. Side-Quest not only give you experience and gold but bonuses such as Titles, Costumes, and items that can help you on your journey
  3. Fluid game play throughout the whole game
  4. Good voice actors
  5. Re-playable bonuses: If you build up points you can use them to bring all your Titles, Items, and so much more on your new game+

The Cons

  1. Unlike previous games Tales of Graces F combat uses a number system. Depending on the attack it will deplete the number ; the number can be seen as Stamina because if the number is at 0 you cannot attack and must be conservative.
  2. Slow start because of the Prologue but afterwards it picks up really fast.
  3. Depending on music preferences some of the music tracks might not be as memorable as past “Tales of” video games.
  4. Storyline ‘might’ seem predictable.

Pokemon Cards – X and Y


I heard about Pokemon X and Y a few days ago. It’s a huge deal in my circle of friends. It’s supposed to be a throwback to the old days. But, it seems like, again, it’s all new. I totally understand that these things need to grow and evolve (no pun intended), but it just doesn’t seem like it… is in line with the heart of the original. It’s not what it used to be. They seem to keep changing everything. Some of my friends say it even looks more like Digimon now than Pokemon. I for one am a fan of the old cards, though some of the new ones are pretty cool. But, the names and looks of the Pokemon have gotten more and more ridiculous. I imagine it’s hard to come up with new ones, though.

At first, I was upset with the new feature of mega evolutions. It was ludicrous to me to change the originals. But, now I see it’s a way to reintroduce them. I hope they don’t distort them too much. I’m glad, however, that they can expand upon the originals, though. And I’m not opposed to making them new and fresh… I guess I had just grown dissatisfied with how ridiculous some of the Pokemon have become. I haven’t watched the show in a long time. I am looking forward to seeing what this new set has in store. Definitely going to save up for the games.

I always thought the older cards would become worth more money. I had become disheartened with how invaluable they seemed, but I held onto them all the same. I admit, I haven’t looked at them much in a long time, but it’s a piece of my childhood I’m not willing to give up. I recently saw this article (linked below), though, and now I may just pull those cards out and see if I have any worth parting with. 😉

Super Nova Battle

I freakin’ love this! What a concept! :p

In this video scientific fact, backed up with facts from each story, is met with witty comments and awesome fight scenes. I find it impressive that Goku achieved most of what he did through hard work. Yes, he was able to do more physiologically from the start, but he trained hard to constantly improve himself. I’m not saying superman didn’t, but a lot came to him more easily.  This was a close fight, but I would have to agree with the outcome. It’s longer than most videos, but I think it’s worth a watch.

Cage of Eden – Review


I do not claim to be a manga/ anime expert. I am actually more like a novice. But, I know what kind of stories I like. So far, I’ve only read number one. I was a bit disappointed with the stereotypical fan-service. It just wasn’t subtly or artfully introduced. It was more like a bunch of spying kids. But, it’s not too bad. The story seemed a bit light-hearted so far, but it seems like it could get much more in depth. It’s an interesting story/ idea. The art work is pretty good as well. Over all I’d say it is good, but I don’t give it an outstanding score. I’m not sure it’s worth a read. I’m on the fence whether to recommend it to you, so you will have to judge for yourself.