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Wonderous Win?

This is sad. Wonder Woman is probably my favorite super hero of all time. I would have to agree, though, that (In this situation) she would have lost. It was a close fight. They seemed almost evenly matched because Rogue had permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers. I would think that her ability to absorb Wonder Woman’s powers would only make them more even, but I guess they were added on top of what Rogue already had. The most important thing, to me, seemed to be the fact that she could anticipate attacks.

Still, a part of me wants to hold on to hope that Wonder Woman could have won. I think if she had known not to punch her in the face the outcome might have been different.

What do you think?


Super Nova Battle

I freakin’ love this! What a concept! :p

In this video scientific fact, backed up with facts from each story, is met with witty comments and awesome fight scenes. I find it impressive that Goku achieved most of what he did through hard work. Yes, he was able to do more physiologically from the start, but he trained hard to constantly improve himself. I’m not saying superman didn’t, but a lot came to him more easily.  This was a close fight, but I would have to agree with the outcome. It’s longer than most videos, but I think it’s worth a watch.

Battle of Wits

Warning: violent language and content.

I found this video hilarious. It is so accurate at portraying Deadpool (not that I’m an expert). I also enjoyed the actors, voice overs, and concept. Definitely agree with the outcome. 😉

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