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Kingdom Hearts 3 Theory



With new updates coming out for Kingdom Hearts 3, a potential plot twist shows itself. This has to do with Master Eraqus  in the trailer, during the little chess match. Xehanort is gloating saying:

“Just like in the legend, darkness prevails over light”

Eraqus on the other hand, still smiling says

“My move, isn’t it?”

And if you pay close attention, there is only one piece left vs 9 darkness pieces on the chessboard but Eraqus refuses to forfeit the match.

1) This implies that Eraqus might be planning something while within “terra”, as Eraqus’s heart moved inside Terra after he was beaten in Birth By Sleep.

2) Eraqus’s keyblade is also seen in the trailer, also implying that maybe Eraqus might have guided the keyblade to Sora.

A lot is in the air but I do think he will come back and have a major impact in the fight.

-Alex Falkor


Game Updates

This month has had some good reveals on games

I’m glad they are adding good characters in Jump Force.


Kingdom Hearts 3 got some more updates out there…..with (and this is me personally) a potential plot twist with a certain Master …and I’m not talking about Xehanort.


More devil may cry 5 information, with Dante looking younger, including (and surprisingly) Lady….


And the future One Piece game looking pretty awesome.

-Alex Falkor

“Who is this Harry Potter Girl speaking at the UN??” (My Reaction)

I watched Emma Watson’s speech today and it was the second video that blew my mind this morning. It was truly amazing. But it also brought back memories. I was called a he-she when I was younger. At 9 years old I was ridiculed, belittled, and harassed because I didn’t want to do what girls were supposed to do. I didn’t want to stand there and look pretty. I wanted to play, I wanted to be tough, I wanted to be queen of the monkey bars, and I loved dragon shirts instead of dresses! lol I can look back on this and smile, but those times are a little embarrassing to recall because I suppose I am still self conscious of them, still nervous people will think the same way. But I shouldn’t be. Because I see no shame. All I see is a child’s spirit that was doused like an annoying flame because it was too bright. I feel robbed of the love and positivity I could have had for myself. Robbed of time spent actually being myself. It got to the point where I wanted to be a boy, not because I actually wanted to be a boy, but because theat’s where I thought I would be accepted, that’s where I thought I belonged, where I fit. I didn’t know I was perfectly fine the way I was, that I was a strong beautiful woman the way I was and not because I wore dresses. I saw the ease at which men could be viewed as powerful and was envious. I thought I had to be a boy to have those same things. I was wrong.

As I entered middle school I started to believe everyone, I started to feel like less of a woman, I started to hate myself because I felt so lost, so undefined. But, I don’t need to be defined or labeled. The only label I need is me. Once I saw that I felt freer. But, I hated my self for a long time because I didn’t know who Ii was. In fact, everyone else had ideas about me, kept telling me, who I was before I even knew. All I knew was they were wrong, but the more they said things the more I doubted myself. It’s kind of hard not to hold strong in your belief of yourself and turn the other cheek when a whole class of kids tell you things multiple times a day and ostracize you, isolate you because of it. So you try to fit in, you change yourself. But I never should have done that. Those were horrible, negative years that the majority of the time was not spent enjoyed. Yet, I wouldn’t change it, because it has made me who I am. Maybe, I am better for having known adversity. I still wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone, though.

Finally 19 years later I began to accept myself. And now I can stand on my own two feet, proud and confident in who I am. I still doubt myself sometimes but not for those same reasons because I finally love myself. I love feeling “feminine”, feeling pretty and sexy in a typical woman way, but in the same sense I feel even more beautiful feeling badass and powerful. But I don’t HAVE to be powerful. I am just myself. As strong as I need to be, as strong as I want to be and not in a feminine way. In a human way.

Even now I cringe a bit because I am defining feminism in a predefined social norm kind of way. These are the things we think of women: squeal at bugs, take hours in the bathroom, have to have makeup on, have to be dainty, have to wear pretty things, and have to be less aggressive than men or even submissive. I hate bugs and I put makeup on, but only because I want to not because I am supposed to And vise versa, men have to be the ones in charge, the providers, the strong ones. In reality we are all a blend of these things and each person is different. Married couples make a team, filling in where the other lacks despite gender. Like yin and yang. They lean on each other and help each other where it is needed.

These things though, are the way woman are perceived to be, stemming from a long time ago. I can not tell if they were inherently that way or if they just filled the role that was made for them a long time ago and stuck with it for a while, creating what we think of now as “women.” But, one thing is true, things have changed. People can be all different types of individuals and just as much a man or woman as the next even if they are different. .

Emma says, “If we stop defining each other by who we aren’t, and start defining ourselves by who we are, we can be freer.”

Luckily, a couple years ago, I found this out and it changed my perception on life and on myself. Because society not only tells us to define others this way, but to define ourselves this way and we end up not measuring up. We end up hating ourselves for imagined standards. Standards that only a few hold. We are human, we are a mix of many different things. We are never just one thing (masculine, feminine, aggressive, submissive). In all reality we can be submissive for somethings and aggressive for others at the same time. Masculinity and feminine has become synonymous with aggressive and submissive. But that is not true.

So no, a man is not feminine if he is sensitive, he is just a sensitive man. And a woman is not masculine if she is tough, she is just a tough woman. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to attraction, and that is fine, but that does not make those who don’t fit your attraction lesser. They are still valued for being themselves.
So I don’t believe in the word feminism and that’s the only thing I don’t agree with about this speech. Because that implies it’s one sided and it does imply that hatred of the opposite. I think a better word would be equalism or humanism. I don’t have the perfect word yet and like she said we are struggling to find a unifying word, but DO have a unifying cause, one where no one is secluded.

Also, am I the only one that thinks the music that introduces her seems patronizing, what everyone thinks women’s music should be. Well I think it should be something with a hard beat lol she made an epic speech.

But, anyways, I don’t understand why we have to hurt each other to feel like better people ourselves, why we have to put others down to seem like we fit a mold, like we are a better man or woman for doing so. Pointing out someones “flaws” as perceived by the general role of a man or woman does not make you any more of a man or a woman. It just makes you a bitch.

If you would like to see another video somewhat on the subject, with hard facts, but is more aimed at humor, then check this out.

Can you be successful with Vemma?

Hmm worth a look

My Journey to Success


So, you are inquiring about Vemma? Don’t worry, many others have. It’s a good thing to get the information before deciding. I have been in your shoes, not too long ago.
What is Vemma?

Vemma is a company that aims to “help others by enhancing their well-being and offering an income stream to people who introduce others to a product they believe in.” The company started in 2004 and literally stands for Vitamins Essential Minerals Mangosteen and Alovera.  the product has been clinically tested to the highest standard in an independent, double blind study which has been published in reputable journals. It has been proven to significantly improve immune markers, antioxidant absorption, and lower c-reactive protein (CRP) which points to its beneficial effects on overall health. Let’s face it. Though many people want to get healthy, it’s not that exciting. and caffeine is definitely not going out of style any…

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Here is my interview with Lorena Wood


Name:  Lorena Wood

Age:  Old enough to know better, and old enough not to worry about what everyone else thinks. If you’re still wondering, that takes at least 50 years to attain.

Where are you from?  A small town in upstate New York.

A little about yourself  i.e., your education, Family life, etc…

The most exciting thing I can say about myself is that I found my soul mate and we created two beautiful children together. I am also fascinated by what makes human beings tick, and have a degree in psychology.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Lorena: I’ve just published my second book, “Dangerous Prey” and I’ve started on a new one that I’m excited about.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

Lorena: I’ve written since I was young, but at first it was poetry, thoughts, journals, and non-fiction. I started writing short fiction when I…

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Evil Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

Although, I haven’t seen this yet, this review makes me want to see it. It gives away quite a few spoilers, but is very insightful.

"The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks"

Mornin’ Evil Geeks!

Last night I paid admission and sat down for two hours of the Marvel Cinematic U with their newest flick; Thor: The Dark World! Was Thor a badass? Do we see the Nine Realms? Does the movie stand up in a post-Avengers world? Keep reading while I answer those questions and more…To Asgard!!!

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