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Boy Meets World Halloween episode And Then There Was Shawn


I love this episode of Boy Meets World. I think it’s intelligent, clever, and interesting. Oh, and it’s funny and slightly corny. That mix makes for a lot of fun. Of course, it doesn’t have the effects and quality of shows and movies now-a-days, but there’s something about the simplicity of it that is endearing. I always loved this series.

In this episode, the gang is trapped in the school with a killer and the people around them slowly get picked off. Eventually members of the group themselves start dying in odd ways (a surprisingly little amount of books falling off a shelf onto Eric). Shawn is trying to save everyone with the knowledge he has gained from the horror movies he has seen, but in the end (SPOILER) he reveals the killer as himself. It never really happened and was brought on by inner conflicts he was going through.

Now maybe you think I have ruined it by giving away the end… okay, I kind of have. But, there’s so much I haven’t said about it that it is worth a watch.


Sleepy Hollow – Review


I was very reluctant to watch Sleepy Hallow for many reasons. I am always reluctant to hop on a band wagon, it is super complicated and confusing, and it’s creepy. But, I’ve watched a few episodes now and I don’t hate it. In fact, tonight, I actually enjoyed the episode and its humor. It was intriguing, engaging, interesting, compelling, but still creepy. I’m not really into creepy shows/ movies, but I liked the episode. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but I liked the concept. Maybe I’m beginning to like this show. It helps that it follows Bones. I love that show!