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Kingdom Hearts 3 Theory



With new updates coming out for Kingdom Hearts 3, a potential plot twist shows itself. This has to do with Master Eraqus  in the trailer, during the little chess match. Xehanort is gloating saying:

“Just like in the legend, darkness prevails over light”

Eraqus on the other hand, still smiling says

“My move, isn’t it?”

And if you pay close attention, there is only one piece left vs 9 darkness pieces on the chessboard but Eraqus refuses to forfeit the match.

1) This implies that Eraqus might be planning something while within “terra”, as Eraqus’s heart moved inside Terra after he was beaten in Birth By Sleep.

2) Eraqus’s keyblade is also seen in the trailer, also implying that maybe Eraqus might have guided the keyblade to Sora.

A lot is in the air but I do think he will come back and have a major impact in the fight.

-Alex Falkor


Game Updates

This month has had some good reveals on games

I’m glad they are adding good characters in Jump Force.


Kingdom Hearts 3 got some more updates out there…..with (and this is me personally) a potential plot twist with a certain Master …and I’m not talking about Xehanort.


More devil may cry 5 information, with Dante looking younger, including (and surprisingly) Lady….


And the future One Piece game looking pretty awesome.

-Alex Falkor

Pokemon Heart Gold


I absolutely love the Pokemon games. I have played several of them (though I have only finished a couple). I plan to replay them and review them later on. I had the original silver version, but that was one of the ones I never finished. It seems like it was a bit different, though. But, I can’t fully remember. Anyways, the graphics on this game are amazing. I loved the look of the game. Though I lost my Pokewalker, I liked the idea of that feature. It’s actually quite ingenious because you can level up on your day to day tasks AND it promotes health in kids, since if they run around it’ll increase the levels more. The game had twists and turns that I didn’t expect. The other games I had beat seemed to be a little more straight forward. In this game it had me going back and forth as you have to revisit areas. But, i feel this lends a nice level of depth to it. Someone with a little more know how probably has no problem with it. Over all, I liked this game very much.


Tales of Graces – Short Review



Tales of Graces starts with the adventures of a child named Asbel Lhant in the world of Ephinea. Asbel during one of his adventures comes across a mysterious girl in a flower field which has a huge impact on his journey. The game was created by Namco Tales Studio and released in Japan in 2009 on the Wii. Tales of Graces is the 12th main title in the Tales series. Eventually the game was ported too the Ps3 and renamed “Tales of Graces F”. In 2012 was finally sold in both NA and EU, three years after the release of its original version.

The Pros

  1. Open World for traveling and a mini sphere based combat when fighting monsters. –
  2. Side-Quest not only give you experience and gold but bonuses such as Titles, Costumes, and items that can help you on your journey
  3. Fluid game play throughout the whole game
  4. Good voice actors
  5. Re-playable bonuses: If you build up points you can use them to bring all your Titles, Items, and so much more on your new game+

The Cons

  1. Unlike previous games Tales of Graces F combat uses a number system. Depending on the attack it will deplete the number ; the number can be seen as Stamina because if the number is at 0 you cannot attack and must be conservative.
  2. Slow start because of the Prologue but afterwards it picks up really fast.
  3. Depending on music preferences some of the music tracks might not be as memorable as past “Tales of” video games.
  4. Storyline ‘might’ seem predictable.

Spyro – Review


I am most certainly not a master gamer. I try, but most of the time I end up running around in circles, frustrated. But, there are a few games I can play (and some I’m learning how to play better). I will always love Spyro, especially the old ones. Not only could I actually manage to play the games, but I liked the concept and Spyro himself.