My friends often talk about such things as the complete back story of Batman or the different versions of Superman. Such things are considered “outcast” topics to many people. But, to me, these things are interesting. Okay, well I can’t talk about Wolverine’s origins for hours like my friends can and I certainly don’t know as much about those things as they do, but I still find these “geeky” things interesting. I do, however, know about books and could talk about them for a long time. That’s how this site started, but there are so many things I love… and so many things you all love. I figured we could share this Outcast Dimension, use this space as a geek friendly zone 😉

Here is my contact page: https://outcastdimension.wordpress.com/about/contact-me/

Check out some other outcast sites: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCinf8G-VcWKlQU0K3lGW4Rw

  1. There are earth worms, inch worms, apple worms, tape worms, tequila worms, & then there are book worms. The latter are my favorite 😉

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