Magic the Gathering: M15 – top 5’s – Review

M15!!! This core set is epic.  I’ve heard some people say they weren’t too enthusiastic about it. But I absolutely love it. There are so many cards I can use. Plus, this was the first time i sat through multiple pre-release events for a set. Even though I lost half the time, I had a good time there and learned a lot. Plus I got tons of awesome cards.




Top 5 of each color


1. Image.ashx Obviously, we have to start with the planeswalker. In my opinion it is one of the best planeswalkers in this set. I mean, look at it. It’s ridiculous. The plus 1 is pretty good. I don’t like that it’s until end of turn, but it can’t be too over powered. It’s minus 2 is awesome. Especially if you are running a super friends deck with multiple planeswalkers. But, look at that ultimate. Minus 7, but it’s worth it. You just have to keep him out there long enough to use it. “If a source would deal damage to you or a planeswalker you control, prevent all but 1 of that damage.” That is a game changer. Someone would have to have a lot of damage, probably a deck with a lot of burn spells or overrrun, to get at you.

2. Image2.ashx This card, though not quite as incredible, is bananas as well. Especially if you had a deck with cards that bounced permanents back to your hand. You could just prevent or, rather recover from any damage. You basically negate their power. But, even without a deck like that, this card is pretty sweet. It has a high cost but it is worth it. If you can get it out in limited or sealed format the look on your opponent’s face would be priceless. “Oh, you hit me and now I’m at 7… Resolute Archangel. Now I’m at 20 (or 40 if you are playing EDH).”

3. Image3.ashx Again, this card is bananas. So awesome! It’s like having shroud. It’s like a whispersilk cloak except you get +2/+2 instead. So, you are essentially unblockable unless your opponent has a lot of artifacts or board wipes. It is definitely a powerful card and, depending on the type of deck you play, will lend itself well to your deck, even if it has a fairly high cost.

4. Image4.ashx Awesomesauce. That’s what this is. First of all, it has convoke. So, if you couldn’t pay the mana cost, you could tap a creature you don’t need at that moment. Second, it is an instant. Most exile cards are enchantments. It does have the limitation of “attacking or blocking creature” but it’s really not that hard to wait until it attacks or blocks. Plus, it’s an instant so realistically  you’d probably need it to prevent someone from attacking or blocking.

5. Image5.ashx It really is hard to choose just five. But, I’d have to say number five is Avacyn. You definitely have to be playing a lot of white for her cost, but it’s a pretty powerful card. The bottom ability costs a lot, but can also prevent a lot of damage. The top one will save your butt in a pinch. And both abilities can be used more than once if you have the mana. Plus, it is a flying 5/4. That’s awesome. I love fliers. It’s already hard to block, but could you imagine putting spectra ward on it. You’d be set.


I am not impressed with this set’s Jace card. So, he is not going in the top 5.

1. Image6.ashx What can I say? This is just too awesome. It stops your opponent in their tracks during an attack and gets rid of their creatures’ abilities, instantly turning them to frogs.

2. Image7.ashx This is another card for stopping your opponents in their tracks. It’s like a field wipe, but just a little bit nicer and it doesn’t effect your creatures.

3. Image8.ashx Here’s another flier of mammoth proportions. It is a 5 drop, but it is a 5/6. Take 5 flying to your face! :p

4. Image9.ashx It has a low cost and starts off somewhat weak, but it’s easy to get out there. Once it’s out, every time you draw a card, you are building it’s power and toughness. When it dies you get islandwalkers in its place. Definitely a cool card.

5. Image10.ashx Image10b.ashx There are two contenders for this one because they both do similar things and each have a stipulation in order to do them. They both, potentially, allow you to bring a creature directly out onto the battlefield. But Jalira makes you sacrifice a creature and possibly put a few in the graveyard, too, and the sphinx is not a sure fire thing because the opponent has to guess and get the answer wrong.


1. Image11.ashx Though it isn’t the best planeswalker in the set, she definitely is a threat in her own way. Her plus 1 makes your opponent discard, which is great for decks revolved around  that mechanic and just ok in general. Sometimes you get lucky and they discard good cards. Her minus 2 lets you look for a specific card, though you can’t just put it out right away. And her ultimate lets you put all creatures from all graveyards onto the battlefield under your control. How scary is that?

2. Image13.ashx Though it has a high cost, if you can play it, it would be devastating to your opponent. Obliteration!

3. Image12.ashx This guy is awesome and mean. Flying, 4/4, with trample and gains +1/+1 every time another creature dies. And on top of all that, he makes your opponent sacrifice a creature and lose 10 life if they search their library.

4. Image14.ashx It’s a 5/3 flier which is cool in itself, but it also lets you draw a card each turn or makes your opponents lose life/sacrifice a creature each turn. Win/win for you.

5. Image15.ashx It’s like giving your creature one of Ob Nixilis’s abilities… plus lifelink. Though, it has to be a creature your opponent controls instead of “any” creature.


1. Image16.ashx Definitely not one of the strongest, but she’s strong in her own right. I always root for the underdog though oddly heroine-ish badass female role haha Anyways, that ultimate is ridiculous. I generally don’t play with cards like that (reliant upon instants and such). But, I can see the value. Plus, the plus 1 is pretty sweet.

2. Image17.ashx Okay, first of all, I love dragons and this is a pretty bad ass looking one. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can focus on why it’s a good card. If, by chance your opponent had walls, they would be destroyed when this entered the battlefield. If they don’t, it deals two damage to each creature without flying  your opponent controls every time it attacks. Plus, it’s a 5/5 flier. The one draw back is it is expensive to play. 7 drop? uh..errr….eee… um idk about that.

3. Image18.ashx This card is pretty good. It definitely damages your opponent. but you have to tap your creature to do so. Ugh.

4.Image19.ashx Another dragon, huzzah! But, seriously, it’s a pretty decent card: 4/4 for 4 mana, plus it’s a flier, and you get a bonus card when it dies. Sucky part is you are probably choosing a good artifact but you can only get that artifact when this dies and I generally don’t want my powerful cards to die. Better have a way to bring it back or have even better cards in your deck. Maybe this would work in a specific artifact deck.

5. Image20.ashx Ugh. This one killed me multiple times at pre-release. It’s always good to have a low costing burn spell with instant speed. One guy even got a player’s set of this at a draft and decimated everyone.


1. Image21.ashx Super awesome planeswalker right here. Two plus 1 abilities and a killer ultimate. I never was a fan of making lands into creatures before, but this changed my mind a bit. Like seriously, just read the card. It’s just awesome. Plus, look at her. Badass!

2. Image22.ashx It’s a 3 drop 2/3 which is pretty great, but then if you pay 3 more and tap it, you can bring out a creature. You start with a one drop then work your way up and you can keep bringing creatures out. It does get targeted pretty quickly though.

3. Image23.ashx Check this bad boy out. It looks like a gentle giant, but it packs a punch. Meant for blind attacks, though it would do better if it were equipped or enchanted to have a higher toughness. But, it is a 7/2 for 6 mana and keeps coming back. I’d say that’s awesome.

4. Image24.ashx First of all, the art work is awesome. But, it’s ability is, too. Yeah, it costs 6, but it’s worth it. Especially in a mono-green deck. It comes in with power and toughness equal to the amount of forests you control. Imagine this paired with Nissa. Holy crap! And then you get another creature that is equal to the amount of forests you control!

5. Image25.ashx This little guy is just awesome. It may have defender, but it definitely packs a punch. You get flying death-touchers equal to the amount of damage it takes. Now, just make it indestructible and you are set.


1. Image26.ashx This one is just a beast. I will let you read all of the abilities. But, it definitely does some damage. It is one of the most sought after planeswalkers/cards in this set, with Nissa, Ajani, Sliver HiveLord,some lands, and a few others.

I myself pulled one of these a Nissa a Jace and a Yisan plus a few other notable cards at pre-release and then when it released I got another Nissa. Just a few days ago, I actually got a third Nissa lol If you’d like to see click here.

2. Image27.ashx This card is really only good for a sliver deck, but it is still an epic card. Well, some people hate slivers, so in that case it you wont like it and it is notable because you hate it lol


1. Image31.ashx This guy speaks for itself. High cost and high costing effects, but it’s pretty badass.

2. Image28.ashx Again, this speaks for itself. Board wipe! except you get to exile everything.

3. Image30.ashx This is a pretty popular card. It’s definitely got character and is pretty damaging. Now, just give it hot soup.

4. Image29.ashx I had to include this guy. It’s just so awesome. 0 cost for a flier? Hell yeah! You can beef it up if you want it to attack or use it as defense. But it’s a great card to get at the starting gates.



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