Pokemon Heart Gold


I absolutely love the Pokemon games. I have played several of them (though I have only finished a couple). I plan to replay them and review them later on. I had the original silver version, but that was one of the ones I never finished. It seems like it was a bit different, though. But, I can’t fully remember. Anyways, the graphics on this game are amazing. I loved the look of the game. Though I lost my Pokewalker, I liked the idea of that feature. It’s actually quite ingenious because you can level up on your day to day tasks AND it promotes health in kids, since if they run around it’ll increase the levels more. The game had twists and turns that I didn’t expect. The other games I had beat seemed to be a little more straight forward. In this game it had me going back and forth as you have to revisit areas. But, i feel this lends a nice level of depth to it. Someone with a little more know how probably has no problem with it. Over all, I liked this game very much.



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