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Catching Fire – Review


Yes. It has finally come. I had high expectations and I wasn’t let down. They did a phenomenal job with this movie. There was great detail in the scenes (though they could have spent more time on them, but I understand the constraints of films) and it stayed fairly true to the books which made me extremely happy. I thought the acting was really good as well.

**Spoiler alert**

Things I liked:

  1. The feel of the movie was very professional, cinematic, and true to the story.
  2. The actors were true to the characters they established in the first movie, which I found fairly accurate to the books more or less.
  3. Cinna is awesome.
  4. They did a good job portraying President Snow (though I thought he looked younger from Capitol procedures in the book).
  5. The scene where Katniss gives the speech at district 11 was sad but great in it’s brutality.
  6. You could truly see her feelings evolve for Peeta.
  7. Her dress is amazing!
  8. The arena was very accurate.
  9. They did such a good job on the monkeys.
  10. I love the characters of Johanna and Finnick (though the looks are just a tad off from my visualization. Not enough to count for Finnick but I envisioned Johanna as burlier.) I wish they had developed the quirky relationship between Finnick and Katniss more.
  11. The ending was just like the book in almost every way.
  12. It was very entertaining.

Things I didn’t like:

  1. There wasn’t enough time for each scene to describe situations, people, and relationships clearly enough. Friends who had not read the book were very confused at a few parts and it just left me feeling like there was more to be desired.
  2. There was no pearl given to Katniss.
  3. The part where she has to go off with Johanna is a bit confusing.
  4. I don’t remember her shooting the arrow into the sky in the book. I thought it was the wall, but I could be mistaken. Either way, it looked unrealistic.
  5. I wanted more from the book during the scene where Johanna changes in the elevator because it’s funny. But, that’s a minor issue.
  6. There wasn’t enough emphasis on Peeta’s leg or Katniss making the excuse about her ear.
  7. Small thigns were changed here and there (again just a small issue, really).
  8. It seemed like she kissed Gale more than int he book.

Overall, I definitely recommend this movie to anyone.