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Today, I found myself arguing (sort of) about who gets which Evee evolution. After we got a plush Evee at Comic Con, my finace and I wanted to collect all the evolutions. He told me he had to have Umbreon. I compromised after he made a compelling argument and said he could have the Umbreon, but I wanted Espeon.  Then he named off Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon and I said no to each. They were mine. I had to have the originals. I love them. He tried to dissuade me, but he now way. I told him we could both get Jolteon if he wanted, one would be at his house and a bigger one would be at mine ;). He let me have those three and then named off Glaceon, Leafeon, and Faireon. I agreed to let him have them. When we live together, we will essentially have all of them anyways, but for now we have to decide. It was much dorkier and cuter in person, I promise. But, I stopped and realized we were just debating Pokemon plushes. And I found it awesome! I was so glad I could do that with him :p


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