Allegiant – Raving Review! (YA)



This wasn’t what I expected. The way the second book, Insurgent, ended, I expected a crusade at the very least. But, it seemed to be lack luster, anti-climactic, though it picked up much later. More than half of the book is suffering. Not the suffering you do when you’re fighting for a cause, but the silent suffering that hurts inside. I understand, though, because of where Roth took the story. It was a very elaborate government cover-up that must have taken time to think of, but after all the build up… i think I just expected more.

Now here’s the coup de gras! I repeat, spoiler alert. Right after Tris and Tobias fix their relationship, maybe two chapters later, and they are thinking of their future, she dies! The main character dies. I debated writing this because I didn’t want to ruin the story for anyone, but I had to review it. I feel silly admitting this, but I actually hurt for fictional characters. I cried. I could feel the pain. I tend to get very immersed into the books I read, putting my self into the stories and comparing their relationships with my own. But, this story was written in first person, which further puts the reader into the role of the main character. I invested a lot into this series. I loved the characters… and many of them died. I, personally, read to escape reality so I tend to like a happy ending, or at least one where the main character doesn’t die or get permanently damaged. I thought, after Mockingjay, that I would be prepared this time. I knew it would be sad, but I had no clue it would be this bad. The worst part is I saw no reason for it. With Mockingjay, I at least saw the point. In this book, however, things would have ended up exactly the same if she had lived. She could have even almost died. I get it. She was supposed to sacrifice for love. It’s central to the story, but everything that happened after that moment would have been the same if she only almost died. She still would have been a martyr. Even Harry Potter lived. He actually died and came back! His world was maybe worse or equal to Tris’s, but he lived!

I was so angry and so hurt. But, as time goes by, my feelings mellow. It’s not the end of the world, I just really loved the series. I still do, but this book is not my favorite at all.



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