Halloween at college

Today, I didn’t dress up as wildly as I usually do (a pirate, a wench dress, a gorilla suits, etc.). I chose to dress up as a character from one of my new favorite books, Divergent. The character comes from a bad ass faction of people who wear black, accept weirdness, expect tattoos and piercings, honor the strong, and face their fears consistently. The book really resonated with me so that’s how I dressed: black shirt with copper rings sewed down the front, tight/ ripped jeans, high heeled black boots, make up and sharpy tattoos (a few). Unfortunately, I didn’t really get photos of myself.

I may have acted slightly more bad-girl-ish a few times to be funny, but for the rest of the day I was just me. I was in clothes I feel comfortable and confident in and I let my strong show through. There’s something sexy about a dangerous woman 😉 haha Even though it wasn’t as revealing or crazy as past costumes, I still got a lot of compliments. And the cool thing was… it wasn’t completely a costume.

Someone asked if I was going to come to school the next week dressed like that again because it looked good on me. You know, I just might. It felt right on me, too 🙂

Here’s some pictures of some of the other students who dressed up. I have to say, I was disappointed that more people didn’t partake.. but, maybe I just didn’t see them.


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