Theros – Magic the Gathering

I wasn’t too thrilled with the Return to Ravnica block. There were some cards I liked, some I really liked, and I can see how some people might benefit from the majority of cards if they used a different mechanic than I do in my decks, but I over all I was a little disappointed. I had more enthusiasm for M13 and M14. I don’t know why, but the core sets seem to be better than the blocks coming out lately.

A lot of people seem to like Theros, so I thought I’d give it a chance. It seems that this set, at least the white cards, benefit a human or soldier deck more, but there are some interesting cards and some very interesting mechanics (like Monstrosity, Devotion, Heroic…). I also really like the artwork.


I have decided to list the most notable cards that I found in this set-



1. I figured, why not start with the God card. First and foremost it is indestructible. I always love a good indestructible card. Another reason that this is notable is that it is a 5/6 and its converted mana cost is 4. That is good already. Then, on top of that it adds tokens and gives all of your creatures vigilance. Score! Yes, if you do not have enough white mana on the field it does not count as a creature, but even as a non-creature permanent it is awesome and the devotion cost isn’t that bad.


2. How awesome is this? I mean, what more do I need to say? I am a fan of a good enchantment, sorcery, or instant. They can really help out a deck. It’s not all about the creatures. But, this is more than that. This is immortality!


3. This card is just ridiculous. If you build this up with counters, enchantments, or  equipment you could block any number of creatures. It’s a little O.P. (over powered). But, that’s why I love it. And at it’s base is a 3/5 with vigilance for 4 manna. That’s not bad.


4. This card is great because you get a +1+1 and you can destroy a creature for a fairly low cost. I really like having at least one way to destroy creatures.


5. Elspeth, Sun’s Champion. Who doesn’t like a planeswalker?

( I always like to have a way to exile a card, like Journey to Nowhere or Oblivion Ring, but it doesn’t seem like any of the exile cards are worth it in this set).

A another card that I liked was Ray of Dissolution.



1. First of all you get a 6/6 for 4. That is awesome in itself. Then, it’s indestructible. It has the same setback as the other Gods, it can only be a creature with a certain amount of devotion, but it’s still worth it. It gives your creatures trample and you have the chance to give a creature +2+2 until end of turn. Awesomeness.


2.This one, I’m not sure about. This works if the creature you deal damage to has less power than Polukranos or if you have built up it’s power. It will also work if you are willing to sacrifice it to do damage (much like a Fire Ball). I don’t usually like cards that can do damage to themselves or me, but this one has a way out so it works. Plus, it is a 5/5 for 4.


3. This is a good card if you have enough mana to make its power and toughness high. Plus, it has haste, protection from blue, and can’t be countered. Most of the hydra’s I’ve seen have a limit or the +1+1’s get taken away, so I like this one.


4.Much like the hydra previous to this, if you have enough mana (forests) this could be an excellent card. You can really build it up


5. This card is great. It’s like. Not only can it help you save your own butt, but it can help others in a multiplayer game. It’s kind of a troll if you are with multiple people and someone is trying to do a lot of damage.

Other cards worth mentioning; Fade to Antiquity, Artisan’s Sorrow, and Nylea’s Disciple.



1. Despite the set backs of being a God, this card gives +1’s, is indestructible, and does damage every time a creature enters under your control. Plus, it is a low cost for the abilities. I like this card.


2. This card is a beast! Well, actually, it’s an Elemental, but you know what I mean. Although, it costs a lot to make monstrous, it’s ability is awesome. You get to destroy three lands of your opponents. Only down side is, you have to destroy your own, too. Let’s face it though, I like it also because it’s artwork is awesome.


3. I love this card. It is kind of similar to the one above, but it does damage and it happens when it enters the field. This one, however, does not have a drawback, unless you do not have enough mountains. Very awesome for a mono-red deck.


4. It has flying, haste, protection from white, and deals damage to opponents. What more can I say? Oh yeah… it’s a dragon!


5. It’s always nice to have a burn card (quick damage) in a red deck.

Other cards: Rage Blood Shaman.


1. Same old, same old set backs of a God. BUT, it only costs 3, has indestructibility, allows you to scry, and makes a creature unblockable. Sounds like a win to me.


2. This card is notable because you can add tokens equal to your devotion. That alone makes it a good card, but it also has protection from red, and gives Elemental creatures +1+1.


3.For some reason, I love this card. It costs a lot, but it’s got a lot of power and you get to mess with your opponent.


4. It’s awesome to be able to exile multiple cards. I love that feature. However, the opponent gets multiple tokens. It may be worth it, though.


5. This one’s kind of self explanatory. You get to draw  and make an opponent mill.

Other cards: Dissolve


1. If you face people who gain life or if you have a life gain (black/white) deck and you want to be the only one to gain life this is a good card. A troll card, most definitely. I don’t particularly like the activated ability, but it’s not bad. Plus it’s indestructible.


2. I love this card. The title is definitely truthful. It is cruel. This is a good way to destroy creatures, especially if you have a Gorgon deck. A similar card is Keepsake Gorgon, except it only destroys one other creature.


3.As you can imagine, there can be quite a bit of creatures in all graveyards when combined. That means this card can get a big plus to its power and toughness.


4. This is an awesome card. You get to destroy a creature or PLANESWALKER for a small cost.


5. I do not like that you have to sacrifice a creature, but you do get to put tokens out equal to your devotion. Plus it has flying.

Other cards: Agent of the Fates.

Multicolored cards worth mentioning:Ashen Rider, Ashiok NIghtmare Weaver, Daxos of Meletis, Destructive Revelry, Fleecemane Lion, and Triad of Fates.

Artifacts: Opaline Unicorn, Colossus of Akros, Fleetfeather Sandals, and Prowler’s Helm.

Land: Nythkos Shrine to Nyx


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