Halloween Costumes

The “Amazing Costume” is terrific, but I don’t think it’s quite as spectacular as some of the others in the video. Though, I have to say, it is expertly crafted. Seriously, well done. It looks just like a statue and the wings area amazing.

The two creepy costumes are creepy. But, I have a problem with the first one (the torn out eye). I’m just not satisfied with it completely. I think it is a great idea and looks pretty good, but could be improved a little, though the picture they showed might not be the finished product. If the finished product has more realistic makeup and implies depth with shadowing, then I will endorse it. The main problem I have with it is it doesn’t seem to be placed right. Shouldn’t the big rip be directly over the eye, or at least closer? I do however like her other face creations.

The second creepy one (the painted face of a nutcracker doll) is terrific. It may not be extravagant, like some of the others, but it is effective and very creepy. Her facial expressions help. She is very creative and very good with makeup.

The Halo costumes are awesome! I bet it was hard to make them, especially out of paper craft and foam. Maybe the paint could be spiced up a bit here and there, but seriously awesome. And the PVC pipe weapons look pretty realistic.

I know nothing about Bioshock and Borderlands (though I have seen pictures of the Borderlands mask), but I’d have to say he did a good job since they look good to me. The paint is well done and the eyes are awesome.

The Black Ops 2 zombie is crazy. The makeup job is incredible. She definitely has a talent. And it looks just like the picture. Hope she can act well to go along with her awesome makeup.

Lex is amazing! I absolutely love the costumes from her showed in this video. Especially the Joker costume. How do you manage to make the Joker look sexy? I don’t know, but she does. As well as creepy.

Emma Pickles’ Edward Scissorhands costume is pretty good, but I love the Mystique one. Awesome job.

I’m not too fond of the Breaking Bad costume. I’m not sure if the makeup is supposed to look cartoony as apposed to realistic. Her skits look funny, though.

The Broly costume is amazing, but looks very fake. It’s a full body piece (including the face) rather than embellishing on the features of the person wearing the suit (which would make it look more realistic) like the Cosplay photo in the NYC Comic Con post. I”m not saying that one is perfect, but that’s the idea I was talking about. It still looks awesome, though, and it is very well done.

I like the Vampire makeup. It’s not my ideal vampire look, but it still looks great. Love the contacts, too.

I like the clown, though I don’t think it’s the best one I’ve ever seen. It definitely is creepy though and I like his video showing the process. He’s got some other cool get-ups, too.

The mummy is a little lack luster, but I love her shading. It really does imply depth and realism. I like her Morticia one better, though.

The skull face makeup is awesome. It’s very trippy when she talks. The shading on this one is awesome, too.

I love the picture of the host being made into a zombie, too. Great zombie makeup. I love Vsauce in general 🙂

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for Halloween this year.


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