Mockingjay – Review (YA)


I know I’ve been posting a lot about The Hunger Games lately, but once I started revisiting it for the review, I couldn’t stop. And, honestly, can you blame me? It’s a riveting book, even the second time around. I wont say it’s the best book in the whole entire world, but it’s a very good book in it’s own right. The story seems original. Even if it draws from real life and past stories, it twists into it’s own, completely new tale. Suzanne Collins comes up with so many things to capture a whole new world and culture. It is impressive.

Mockingjay, the third and final book in her series, takes place after she is rescued from the Quarter Quell. But, Peeta could not be rescued along with her. She lives with the guilt and devastation of losing him, as well as the grief over losing her home town and most of the people who had lived there. Suzanne does an amazing job of capturing the devastation and loss of such monumental things as well as illustrating the horrors of war, which Katniss soon becomes immersed in. She also highlights just how cruel human kind can be. It is a sad book, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to drag you into the depths of depression. There is triumph, hope, love, and so much more strewn through out the misery. I usually don’t read sad books, especially ones that could make me cry, but I have made this book my exception. I do not like what they did to some of the characters, but I can see how it would be necessary. I have to admit, though, that the first time I read  this I threw it at the wall when I was finished. I was so immersed into Katniss’s head, so wrapped in her guilt, and so angry that characters I had loved died. It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and an ache in my heart, even though they are all fictional characters. Yet, I still LOVE this series. That is just how powerful it is. I would have liked if the ending had highlighted the positives a bit more, though.

There are positives, however: fighting to save a world from corruption and injustice, the ever expanding depth of Katniss’s love for Peeta, rebirth from the ashes…

I know that Katniss has some love for Gale and maybe once upon a time it would have grown to be something substantial, but her love for him is something completely different from what she shares with Peeta. Gale is more a friend, someone she loves, but isn’t in love with. In Catching Fire, however, it says that Katniss even notices she feels things she’s never felt for Peeta, like unsatisfiable desire and heat. She doesn’t want to be with out him. In the third book, she finally realizes how much he really means to her, while also, sadly, realizing how different her and Gale really are. In the end, I try to remember that salvaging the love between her and Peeta is a powerful thing and it should overshadow the darker aspects of the story.

Overall, it as an evocative, powerful, and great story, as well as series. Definitely, worth a read. Can’t wait to see what they do with the 2nd and 3rd movies.



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