Real life lightsaber


I just recently saw an article about a real life lightsaber. I couldn’t believe this at first, but it seems to be legit. I don’t know how I feel about this. Part of me thinks this is AWESOME and I want one of my own (in purple). But, part of me thinks this could be seriously scary. Do we really need a new weapon? Maybe it will be better for the world than the ones we have or maybe there will be benefits of such a thing. But, maybe it wouldn’t be a good thing. Maybe people would use it for evil. Or maybe someone would think it’s a toy and get hurt. Plus, how close are we to a world full of scary new things like in Star Wars. Sure, that world seems cool in a lot of aspects, but there’s a lot that isn’t awesome. I mean the second word in the title is WAR and I for one do not want an intergalactic one.

Despite all these worries and more, the side that thinks this is cool wins out. Though I’m hesitant, I want one if they become accessible to everyone. I can already see it now *starts day dreaming about being a Jedi or at least cutting down trees for firewood* I swear, I ‘d use it responsibly.

It will be interesting to see what technologies the future holds and what our future children will be learning. I’m sure, no matter what world or time we live in, there will always be people who want to use a technology for their own evil gains. But, just maybe, the world would be better off with Jedi Knights.




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