The Top Five Costumes I Want


This is a rockin’ Wonder Woman costume, at least out of the ones I have seen (though I can’t wait for the New 52 version).  I love the shiny top… though I’m not sure I could pull it off as well as the model, but who actually looks like a model.


Who doesn’t like a little black dress? I know I do, especially when it’s got the Batman symbol on it. I absolutely love this costume. I don’t know too much about Batgirl, but the model and the costume looks bad ass.


A female Green Lantern! Hell yeah. I love the costume and I would love to be a Green Lantern. What more can I say?


Again, I don’t know much about the Terminator, but how awesome does this costume look. Totally bad ass. I absolutely love it and would love to rock it myself.


The costume might not be as bad ass as the previous ones, but the character is. I love Katniss’s character and I love the look of her outfit for the arena. I would definitely adorn some great accessories, too.

You can find all of these costumes at


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