The Hunger Games

These videos were made before the Hunger Games movie came out.

Warning: Gorey

MainstayPro did an amazing job with this. It’s an insight into the book that doesn’t get covered extensively. It’s a great extra. The quality, location, acting… everything is done well. It is dramatic, yet beautiful. I absolutely love what they have done. Int he behind the scenes you can tell they put a lot of work into it. The fight choreography is well planned, too.

This scene is not quite as well done as the Quarter Quell video, in my opinion, but it is still wonderful. Rue’s death is horribly, yet beautifully done. She shows a real measure of pain and fear (which I thought was slightly lacking in the actual movie).

They have also made a web series for Finnick and Annie’s story. Although, it is the same actor who played Haymitch in the Quarter Quell video, it looks like a good series. I have not yet watched it, but I definitely will. I think that the actor is better in a more serious role such as Haymitch… but i shall see.


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