Catching Fire – Review (YA)


I just read this for the second time and I was still caught up in it. I could really feel Katniss’s pain. I could feel everyone’s pain for that matter. But, I was so in tune with Katniss. I really got into her head. When she was confused and frustrated, so was I. I think this book was even more gory than the first and definitely had more anguish. But, the way it was written the gore wasn’t nauseating. It was essential to the story, but not the main part. The story was sad, but captivating. The innovation of the arena, though horrible, was quite amazing. I don’t know how Suzanne thought of it. And the best part, and maybe the saddest, was watching Katniss’s love for Peeta develop. It was sad because Gale is always in the back of your mind as well as in hers, but what she felt for him did not compare to her feelings for Peeta, even if she didn’t realize how deep they went. And it is sad because the way it ends. I wont say toomuch, but it’s a cliff hanger at the end. I can’t wait for the movie.

Even though I hate sad books it is definitely worth a read.



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