Midnight Sun – Review


There is no summary for this because it was never made into an entire book. Stephenie Meyer said her manuscript was leaked and she would finish it at a later date (that was in 2008). But, she posted the what she had written so far on her website in a pdf and that is what I will review.

I really like this version of the story. Reading it from Edward’s point of view is very interesting. One reason why is because I have read the original so it’s interesting to see his point of view. But, it’s more than that. His story, the evolution of his love for Bella, seems much more interesting. Plus he has the view point and behind the scenes life of a vampire. Twilight has it’s great points and Bella’s love story is nice in itself, but Edwards seems to have another layer of depth. He didn’t want to love her. His story is more intense and the progression of his love for her is, well, for lack of a different word, interesting. He isn’t just bumbling through school, confused. Things don’t just happen to him. He has important decisions to make. I suppose, though, that Bella did, too. But, for some reason it seems different. Maybe I’m biased, though.

I have to say, though, that this is worth a read.



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