Nightshade – Review (YA)


Here’s the summary on the back:

“She risked her life to save his, believing she’d never see him again. But he has returned, challenging her destiny as Alpha wolf, leaving her doubting her past and fearing her future.”

Written by Andrea Cremer.

I cannot tell you how much I love this book. The plot has so much depth and so many twists. I love the characters, the dynamics, the pack/ friendships. I love the idea, too. I don’t know why so many books have to have a love triangle (maybe it just happens that way) but this one sort of does, too. However, I didn’t find as much of a problem with this one as I usually do. And it’s not exactly the main focus. Sure love is important in this story… but it’s also about finding yourself. It’s about triumph.

I am going to re-read it so I can say more of what it’s about, as I read this a while ago and forgot a few things. I want you to be well informed 🙂

But, I definitely say it’s worth a read. I couldn’t stop reading it and finished the series in no time.



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