Super Nova Battle

I freakin’ love this! What a concept! :p

In this video scientific fact, backed up with facts from each story, is met with witty comments and awesome fight scenes. I find it impressive that Goku achieved most of what he did through hard work. Yes, he was able to do more physiologically from the start, but he trained hard to constantly improve himself. I’m not saying superman didn’t, but a lot came to him more easily.  This was a close fight, but I would have to agree with the outcome. It’s longer than most videos, but I think it’s worth a watch.


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  1. Goku should won

    • I know. I’m a bit sad that he didn’t, but Superman is near invincible. It’s kind of unfair, but he probably would win. If Goku had Kryptonite he’d win.. but he would never do that because that would be cheating to him.

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