The Hunger Games – Movie Review


The Hunger Games

Usually adaptations of books don’t live up to expectations, but, for an adaptation, this movie was pretty good. If you haven’t read the book, it was probably excellent. The cinematography was good quality, though my eyes hurt when they chose to rush a few scenes (for aesthetic purposes). I liked the tone of the movie. It rang true to the book and the mood of the movie itself. It was fast paced and very interesting. It definitely drew you in and the actors did a great job.

Having read the book, I feel some of the scenes could have lasted longer. I was also not happy with the fact that they changed the origin of her pin. But, I suppose there was a reason for that. The effects were great and they did a great job of putting us into the world Suzanne Collins created.

I can say, as someone who has also read the book, that I am happy with the movie over all. It’s worth a watch.



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