Which Avenger Would the Founding Fathers Be?


                 A friend recently brought up an interesting discussion. He was reading a book for history class and informed me and another friend of some of Benjamin Franklin’s hidden personality traits. He then proceeded to tell us that, if he was a member of the Avengers, Ben would be Tony Stark. We all agreed. Franklin and Stark are both the rich, play boy types gallivanting around town doing whatever they please. They both enjoy new technology, a bit of arrogance, and the luxuries of life, but when there’s something to fight for, they will.

                The discussion evolved into who the Avengers would be if they were the founding fathers or members of the continental congress. I am not exactly a history buff, but this definitely intrigued me. We all agreed that Captain America would be George Washington, Betty Ross would be the Black Widow (with a power of throwing sewing needles), and then came to the agreement that John Hancock would be Nick Fury (I was a little fuzzy on this one).

               I wish I could say these ideas were all my own, but I only contributed.  I eventually want to expand on this idea and make a picture of the Avengers as the forefathers, though.

                Do any of you agree? Who do you think the other members would be?


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